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Фасады из песчаника Галицкого

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Фасады из песчаника “Каспий”

Фасады из песчаника “Днестровский”

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Facade is a face or front of the building, which gives the general style of the house and the whole infield. A natural stone masonry facade provides durability, greatness and beauty of the building for many years. Watch the use of facade systems from natural stone >


Interior is an inside space of a building decorated architecturally and artly, which provides aesthetic appreciation and cozy conditions of life. Natural decorative stone will complement any style of interior and add to the house a piece of nature. Watch the use of natural stone in interior >


Socle is lower, typically thickened, part of the outer wall of buildings, lying on the base. Socle of natural stone provides protection for the building from mechanical and weather impacts. Sandstone is the most recommended stone for masonry socle. Watch the use of natural stone in socle facing >


Fence is a structure that serves to surround, protect, decorate and borders areas. Builders commonly use wild stone for fence masonry because it is durable, firm natural material that add the aesthetic to any fencing. Watch the use of natural stone in fence masonry >

Sidewalks, Playgrounds, Paths

Paving of sidewalks and paths with natural stone is a right way to complement a country house, roadway or yard with reliable, unique and durable coverage. Paving blocks of natural stone will add inbred beauty to paved area and stand any load. Watch the use of natural stone in paving of sidewalks, grounds and paths >

Landscape design

Landscape Design is the art of the landscaping, which feature is a harmonic combination of natural elements with the infrastructure of the buildings. In landscape design are used elements of landscape architecture, green spaces and wild stone. Watch the use of natural stone in landscape design >


Longevity, durability and natural beauty of stone masonry steps, will provide reliable coverage, and add sophistication to any ladder, both inside and outside of the building. Stairs and architectural forms of sandstone will add special style to your home. Watch the use of natural stone cladding stages >


Wild rock is the most popular stone for masonry chimney. Because of its strength and fire resistance it provides reliable design. The color palette of stone accentuates the beauty of any roof, regardless of what material it is made. Watch the use of natural stone in the construction of chimneys >

Windows, doors, arches

Making your windows, doors and arches of natural stone tiles will make facade of your house more attractive and gorgeous. Decorative stone used in the interior for facing the arches will add to your house originality and fill the interior of the house with the spirit of nature. Watch the use of natural stone in the design of windows, doors and arches >

Aireplaces, barbecue

The most respectable fireplace undoubtedly is a fireplace faced with masonry of natural stone. Stone for masonry fireplace must have not only strength and fire resistance and also the aesthetic beauty. A variety of natural stone helps to create fireplaces of any style and complexity. Watch the use of natural stone in building of fireplaces and barbecues >

Articles of stone

Modern technologies of handling of natural sandstone allow creating a wide range of products: tables, table tops, vases, decorative kits for windows and doors. Uniqueness and originality of the material gives to products special value. View products of natural stone >
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