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Main GC "Kamelot"

Trade mark

торговая марка камелотTrade mark «Kamelot Stone», , first, evidence of a product, and secondly, promotes products to the market, as part of our neotemny advertising company, and the hallmark of quality. Brand is designed to protect our products against counterfeiting and stimulate sales.

Trade mark «Kamelot Stone» guarantees:

  • - Quality of output
  • - Production of ecologically clean raw materials
  • - Brand awareness in the market

 Trade mark is a means of individualization of our company and we produce products or services. The expressive, simple and easy to remember trade mark is intended to be associated with partners and clients of our company with the quality of our product made ​​of natural stone. As one of the main elements of the image GC «Kamelot», trade mark helps our customers in choosing the right products and services.

TM provides the following features:

  • - TM applied on goods for which it is registered on the packaging, the sign associated with the goods, labels, badges, tags, etc.;
  • - sell, import, and / or export;
  • - use of TM in the provision of services for which it is registered;
  • - TM used in business documents, advertising and the Internet;
  • - prohibit third parties to use the same or similar TM;
  • - capitalize on its TM, as an intangible asset and put it on the balance sheet;     
  • - register a domain name in the zone. UA (under the current Rules of the domain. UA, domain names are delegated only to the owners of the brands).

The right to use a trademark (brand name) is protected by law.

Legal protection is given the sign is not contrary to public policy, principles of humanity and morality, and not subject to the grounds for denial of legal protection established by the Law of Ukraine "On protection of the rights to sign for the goods and services» (St.5 - p.1)

The scope of legal protection accorded to a trademark that identifies the image of the sign and the list of goods and services that are included in the State register of certificates for trademarks.

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Согласно ст. 442 и ст. 443 Гражданского кодекса Украины и закона Украины от 23 декабря 1993 года №3792-XII «Об авторском праве и смежных правах», использование фотографий, размещенных на официальном сайте ТМ «Камень Камелот» возможно только при наличии согласия ГК «Камелот».
Нарушение авторских прав будет преследоваться по закону.
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